NOGLO History
NOGLO (originally founded as N.O.G.O.) was established in the spring of 1995 to help bring lgbtq social events (mainly dances) to the North Okanagan. The proceeds from our dances go to all manner of charities & non-profit societies which enhance the lgbt community in the area. NOGLO is totally committed to providing a safe, harassment free, and fun environment at all the events which we organize or sponsor.  This commitment holds especially true for younger gays & lesbians who are just out or in the process of coming out. We are also the proud "owner" of an ĎAdopt-a-Roomí at Vernonís Jubilee Hospital. NOGLO was an enthusiastic supporter of the annual Okanagan LGBT Pride Week for many years and added to the celebrations by hosting various events.


The NOGLO domain has been re-purposed with a different concept and is no longer associated with the NOGLO organization although greatest respect is given for the volunteers who for so many years kept that organization going as a service to the community.

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